Our Creative Origins

Founded in 1987, Mediterranean Artists has evolved from a young immigrant's dream into a top distributor of exceptional artistic jewelry, sold at fine art establishments nationwide.

From a dream in the Mediterranean Sea....

Our founder Rony Yizhaky grew up in the small picturesque sea town of Tiberias, Israel, surrounded by ancient holy sites and the beauty and vistas of the Sea of Galilee.

Fueled by his strong passion for the arts, Rony studied film at Israel's Beit Zvi Academy of Fine Arts, and eventually actualized his artistic dreams, owning a local gallery and contributing to the burgeoning local art scene in Israel.

Mediterranean Artists began when Rony started partnering with up-and-coming Israeli jewelry designers to bring their highly creative, distinctive designs to US shops.

To being featured at the world's top musems and fine art shops.

Starting in the American Mid-West, Mediterranean Artists has steadily grown into a well-respected name in the world of fine jewelry. Our collections are known for their artistic aesthetic and high quality materials, and often incorporate special elements from the natural world, such as Amber, Pearls, Larimar, and other high-value gem stones.

Our special Ancient Roman collections are well-known for their authentic components such as colorful ancient Roman Glass and authentic Roman Coins, all found in archeological excavations in the Holy Land.

Our pieces may be seen and purchased at a large number of reputable Museums of Art.

And now, a new adventure.

After 37 years of success in fine jewelry for wholesale, we are proud to now offer our products to the public. For the first time, Mediterranean Artists' premier collections are available for retail sale.

Our team is excited to merge state of the art e-commerce technology with our legacy collections to bring you a comfortable and convenient online shopping experience. Welcome!

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A letter from our founder

Mediterranean Artists was founded in 1987 when I first came to live in the US, and brought with me, from my native Israel, the most unique jewelry design concepts and creations that Israeli jewelry makers could offer.

I started the company in the heart of America in the American Midwest - first in Wisconsin and Michigan, then Ohio and Indiana, steadily growing to the rest of the US. I'll never forget the open mind and kind hearts of of our first customers who took a chance on me - most of them are still our loyal customers to this day.

I've had a strong sense for beauty and aesthetics since childhood, which continued to grow and evolve with my art education. This has served me greatly in my career, starting out in film and later as I entered the world of fine jewelry.

For the last 37 years, we have partnered with talented jewelry designers from around the globe. We’ve had the privilege to refine and evolve our collections, with valuable input from our esteemed clientbase. Above all, we’ve had a longstanding commitment to high quality, unique design, and precious materials sourced from nature.

I’ve always appreciated how much the arts & culture enhance life, and I can truly say that art is one of my great joys in life. It is a personal honor of mine to have had the opportunity to make art into my livelihood. 

I am so happy to finally bring our collections to the broader public, and hope you enjoy.

Rony Yizhaky

CEO & Founder, Mediterranean Artists